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Three Important Pieces of advice of the Prophet (PBUH)

The great prophet Muhammad hadith are the best things for our learning. We can learn anything from his teachings. In every felid of life, in any problems, we can see the hadiths and teachings of the great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH). He is the example of the love and beauty for the Muslims. He is the last prophet of the muslins and his tomb is in the holy city of Madinah where Muslims come for the hajj and umrah every year with the great packages like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Lowest Price Family Umrah Package with Luxury Hotels 2017. His life is attraction and example for us. What he ever said to his companions about anything now that thing become the benefit for us. Once the best companion of the prophet Ayoob come to meet prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) he said that to the prophet please advise anything to me which will become the benefit for me. Prophet said a consigned message to him. The great prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said when your stand up for the prayer and you are trying to offer it then offer your prayer like it’s your last prayer. Don’t do anything which becomes your fear or guilt. Don’t expect anything from the people who has any power just depend on the Allah. This three moral teaching means that we don’t offer the pray, we leave that on tomorrow, but we don’t know tomorrow will come or we will die so just focus on your worship and offer your obligations and prayers. The second thing doesn't speak harsh and slang or some bad words to other people because it can be a reason of pain for you. Allah will not forgive until his man will not forgive so always speak right words and don’t speak lie which becomes harmful for others. The third advice of the prophet was that don’t saw the people who have so much wealth and things maybe it will be harmful to you. Just focus on yourself and expect only from the Lord who will never do bad for you. Live with humility don’t value the people on the base of their wealth. You have to stay grateful in every condition and will be kind to you.
05/09/2017 10:01:15
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