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Respect for the Companions of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

Companion of the prophet means a lot of the Muslims. How they love and regard the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) we can never love him like them. They want to sacrifices their life upon the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH). Once in the holy war they come in front of the prophet as the shade or cover no one can harm him. They collect the water of the absolutions of the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) they show their great affection and love towards him. Prophet said regard my companions. there are so many things in the book of the hadith and in the book of Quran about the companion of the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) like in the verses of the Quran. There is a lot of verse which is pointed towards him that Allah is placed them this is about the followers of the Prophet and he said I will give him gardens under the river flow in paradise. Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) Said that best of the generation on them are the people who follow them. this is the pointed thing towards the companions. They are the great people who love the prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) too much. Once the group of the wolf comes to the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) said that we don’t want to eat the sheep of your companions but we are sad we don’t have any other thing to do with that. Sheep are our provision and what we will eat but our heart feels sad when we do it. Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa asked his companions what you said can I allow them to eat all your sheep’s they said no then what we will do. Then prophet Mustafa(PBUH) said to wolfs that whenever you get chance you can eat themes’ when they were leaving they are sad what we can do either to eat the sheep of the great companions. Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) companions will be in heaven and some of them and their cemeteries are in the Holy Makkah and Madinah where Muslims come for hajj and Umrah with the packages of Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Tours in UK Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017.
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