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Mountain of Mercy Jabl-e-Rehmaa

There are so many things which are related to love of the great Allah and he is the one and al -mighty and he will guide you in any case. Mountains in Islam are so famous. There are some very famous mountains in the history of the Islam. Like mount of and, like mount of toor, Mount of the Hira, mount of thowr, these are the blessed mounts in Islam. When Muslims went there or they get the chance to perform some ritual rights and they called supplication there. Muslims went for the hajj and umrah with different things like some use some good packages like the package of the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Tours with Luxury Hotels with Luxury Hotels 2017. I remember that when I went for the umrah and I visited all the places which are so good and blessed for me from the God. These places are called ziarats and you can find the peace in that place. I went there this is the place. This is small mountain which is near to the mountain of Uhad. Which is very popular and blessed place? This is the spot where the great most great prophet Muhammad (PBUH) make the strategy and said that orchard stay there. this is the place where they attacked the enemies. Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) calling fifty archers and their leader was Abdullah bin Jabir. From this place, they found the victory. It was in this national of affairs that Anas bin Nadhr who saw at that Saad bin Maaz (may Allah be pleased with him) who is the companion of the Allah was passing in obverse of him. He shouted to him and said O Saad! Where are, you going? He then replied By Allah! I smell the fragrance of Paradise coming from Mount Uhud. Then he Saying this, he threw himself into the very thick of the opponent, and fought projection and nail till he met his martyrdom and Muslims come through with victory.
05/09/2017 09:54:00
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