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Essence of Kindness in Private and Public Life

The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has taught Muslims about love, peace, harmony, unity, help and patience. The Whole life of our beloved prophet (Peace Be upon Him) is a perfect model for all human beings. We are directed to follow the footsteps of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in all walks of life. He always enjoined his followers to display patience and tolerance when they come across difficult situations. He also enforced them to equip yourself with divine powers and virtues. Thus, Muslims must enrich their personality with guts of kindness, compassion. Because when a person begins to look after all human brings including animals, he will become spiritual and discover hidden secretes of nature. When we perform sympathy and compassion, we are prohibited to create any sort of difference among people. We have to serve all beings irrespective of their religion, faith, creed, language and color. For example, our Muslims brothers and sisters of the UK enjoy Islamic pilgrimage services from UK for Muslims with low discount throughout the year. In this case our Muslims fellows will be served free from all sort of boundaries.

Islam has particularly highlights the importance of kindness. According to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), a person is not dealing with other persons with kindness, Allah Almighty does not show him His Divine kindness. Likewise, if we want to see ever lasting peace in the world, we have to promote all peaceful activities. We need to change our behavior and must be kind to each and every soul. We will have to begin this practice from our homes. We must behave our all members of the family with love and kindness. Likewise, we have to exercise same practice in public.  All controversial and complex issues must be ignored. We must try to avoid any futile discussion and arguments with another person, in order to implement a system of peace and harmony.

12/01/2016 08:49:57
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