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Death spot Of the Great Prophet Suleiman (PBUH)

There are a lot of things in Quran when Allah reveals the example that he was only who know each and everything related to the future. There are some things which are noticeable about that spot. As we know in the past that Muslims first spot is which was the kiblah called the mosque aqsa-al-Quds but after when prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) come then the kiblah changed and it's now in Makkah where Muslims come for hajj and umrah to join each other for the sake of Allah like they come with the packages like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah offer with Luxury Hotels with Luxury Hotels 2017. They will found this packages extra easy and extra inexpensive .When the time of Suleiman(PBUH) people think that joints are extra powerful they have extra abilities but for this punishment, Allah chose Suleiman (PBUH) for them. He ruled all the things for three hundred years. When Suleiman gives, they order to make the mosque they are working under him. Suleiman (PBUH) was the king. Allah wants to tell everyone that no one knows what is future and what will have happened on next so he took the spirit of the prophet Suleiman (PBUH) and then he died. The working jinn’s think that he was watching us but he was dead when they see his stick lay down then they realize it that he was dead. Allah chose all this scenario to show the people that he is the king of the universe and he can take over everything because he can overcome all the things which he wants. now the place where prophet Suleiman(PBUH) spotted dead this was now a school of the girl where they learn things. This is the blessed area of the Palestine.
05/09/2017 09:55:06
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