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Blessed memory of Prophet Mosque

I went for Umrah last month. It was adorable Experience ever have in the life time. When I closed my eyes I always feel peace and harmony related to this memory. when I was there I lost my self in the beauty of Mosque of Prophet(PBUH). Kaaba has its own attraction and Madinah has its own. This is prominent mosque in the history of Islam. I don’t have words to share my experience. Minarets with green color is like tender of heart. Muslims come here for the hajj and Umrah in every year. For the umrah they come in different month. Muslims who belonged to England with the good and cheap packages like Umrah pilgrimage services from UK for Muslims. I also come for the umrah from England. That was very inexpensive package for all of the Muslims. I was sitting in front of main gate of prophet grave while I was reading Quran and adoring God and sending my regards and salivations to the prophet Muhammad e Mustafa. Then one of the Muslim brother come and sat with me and he told me about a lot of Quranic things like some chapters of Quran its benefits. he said about surah kahaf which means cave. This is the chapter which has one hundred and ten verse and it was bare in Makkah. The Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(PBUH) has said that whoever recites this Surah will be protected from holy evil for eight days. If a person recites the last verse of Surah al- kahaf before asleep at night. Allah makes a light from his asleep home up to the Holy Kaaba and in this bright, are angels who repeatedly pray for the reciter until he wakes up. The Prophet said you have to recite Allah will protect him from worries.
05/09/2017 09:57:20
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