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The Holy Quran forbids wastage or excess in eating. It allows you eating from your homes and the homes of your friends and relatives. You may eat apart or together. When you are asked, you must not stay longer in the home of your host as it may irritate him but he may be wary in telling you to move. Thus, you may linger not for conversation and disperse.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has provided exhaustive commands about the conducts or manners of eating. First of all one must eat with right hand and mention Allah Almighty’s name when start eating, tribute Allah Almighty when you have ended and eat from what is next to you. Have simple food and workout moderation. Do not eat from the containers and plates made of gold and silver. If at all possible, eat together. Such are some of the instructions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Even there are also some manners of eating when Muslims visit Khana Kaba via Islamic pilgrimage services for Muslims as Khana Kaba is holiest place on the earth.

Before meals, washing hands is yet another idea in Islam and many other religions of the world. Further admonition is not to dry out our hands and continue to eat with wet hands. This idea is now clear because if we were to clean our hands and then dry them with a towel or tissue, we are possible to present low charge energy into the energy arenas of our hand. This cloth is normally used for many other drives and by different persons, or even towel/ tissue that is spotless but filled with culpabilities from the nearby air, or the universal energy. The untouched and unpolluted info-energy of water would also be polluted or at least altered with the info energy in the cloth. Hence, to eat with those hands may be unhygienic.

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